Tempo Vape Available at VaporGenerics

We are pleased to announce that VaporGenerics is carrying Tempo Vape both online and in our store. Tempo Vape is a premium american E-Juice available in 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine in three unique flavors:

– Distortion:  Strawberry Milkshake
-Electric :  Blueberry Cronut
-Acoustic :  Tropical Melody


Each bottle comes in a small box inspired on music with a color reference to identify each flavor, Blue for Electric, Red for Distortion and Silver for Acoustic.


Tempo Vape 1


Remember to check out Tempo’s social media! You can be part of their campaigns, such as #youcanbethenextone ! Where you can send a picture of yourself vaping Tempo to get your persona illustrated.







Tempo Vape 2




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