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USB Charger

USB Charger

$ 10.00
  USB Charger-Plug the charger into a USB power source, Spin your battery end to the charger.
Red light indicates charging…
18650 lithium battery charger Input voltage: 100-240V Output voltage: 4.2 V Charging current: 0.5 ~ 1A Red light while charging,…
Li-ion Charger

Li-ion Charger

$ 12.50
Designed to charge Lithium and metal Hydride batteries Automatically Stops when charged is complete Wall Adapter Battery Compatible : -18650…
TrustFire Multifunctional Charger For Cylindrical Lithium Batteries -18650 -18500 -17670 -16340 -14500 10440 16430  
USB Wall Charger